The Main Reasons To Turn PowerPoint Presentation Into A Video

Many PowerPoint users wonder why they should turn their ppt presentations into a video format. In fact, if you want to demonstrate a high-quality version of PowerPoint presentation to your clients or colleagues, it is recommended to save the file and play it as a video. There are many ways to share and present your PowerPoint file and the most common ones are: CD/DVD, publishing to the web page, e-mail attachment.

Now, let’s have a glance to the main reasons of turning ppt presentations into a video format:
  • If you use PowerPoint 2010, your file will be saved in Windows Media Video format (.wmv). If you prefer to save PowerPoint files in such formats as .avi/.mov, you will have to used a special third-party utility for converting your PowerPoint file.

  • If you use PowerPoint 2013/2016, your ppt presentation will be saved in MPEG-4 (.mp4) or .wmv formats. There are the most widely-used file formats which cn be streamed directly over the internet.

There are several recommendations which you should keep in mind while recording PowerPoint files in video formats:
  • Users can record/time voice their narrations, as well as the movements of their laser pointer in videos.

  • The size of your media content, as well as your video quality can be fully controlled.

  • Transitions/animations can be included into your video.

  • In order to watch such videos, people will not have to install PowerPoint program on their devices.

  • If you have included embedded videos into your presentation, they will be smoothly played without any further control over it.

    The process of crating videos takes some time. The duration will depend on the content of your PowerPoint presentation. Spare enough time if you plan to include certain media content, transitions, and animations. And do not forget that you can keep on using your PowerPoint program at the same time when the video is processing.

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