Rule 10-20-30 For PowerPoint Presentations

Many people wonder how long their PowerPoint presentation should be or how many slides is enough. The times when presentations were overloaded with bullet points have passed. There are much more efficient ways to create a stunning presentations. The rule 10-20-30 will help you understand where and how too start. This rule has been presented by a famous marketing guru Guy Kawasaki.

Here is what Kawasaki mentions all the time regarding PowerPoint presentations:
  • The number of PowerPoint slides should not be more then ten.

  • Your PowerPoint presentation should last not more than twenty minutes.

  • Your font should not be smaller than thirty points.

The key to make a professional presentation is to keep it as clean and concise as possible. If you have vast content, you should not even think about fitting it all on every PowerPoint slide. This is a fatal mistake which will make your ppt slides look messy. There are some presentations with vast content on slides but they are usually delivered without a presenter.

This approach will keep your PowerPoint presentation visually clear and concise. Even when you are very passionate about your subject, do not share more than people can digest. You will just lose the attention of people. If you keep your presentation delivery up to twenty minutes or even less when possible, you will make your target audience even more hungry for your information.

Try this rule and you will have no problems in designing and delivering a great PowerPoint presentation. If you adopt this simple rule, your message will be enough clean and clear.

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