Recording Your Webcam Video While Converting PowerPoint Presentation

This article is devoted to recording various webcam videos while converting PowerPoint file to video format. Using Video Scout it is very easy to add any kind of live video from your web camera directly to PowerPoint presentation. The only thing you will have to do is to convert your video file. A video from your web camera can be adjusted. So, you can modify the size of your file and its frame position. Also, sounds can be recorded as well.

This is a great feature which allows not only commenting PowerPoint presentations which you convert, but it also allows adding video narrating. It goes without saying that your video which has been made of PowerPoint presentation is very personal once you decide to add a web camera video.

So, in order to get your PowerPoint presentation converted to video format WMV, AVI and additionally add your own webcam video, you will need to repeat the following simple steps:
  • Start with launching “Bytescout PPT To Video Scout”.

  • Press the button “Next”.

    Add webcam video to PowerPoint presentation

  • Choose “Input PPT File” and decide the most suitable format for converting your file. Here, you can choose “Output File Name” and correct the name/destination of your file.

  • Press “Next”.

    Record live webcam video when converting ppt to video

  • At this point, you will need to choose “Conversion Mode”. In order to record live from your webcam, you will need to check the box “Add live video of myself from web camera”.

    Convert PPT to AVI or WMV adding your webcam video

  • It is very easy to get the options of your web camera adjusted. You can select a device, get the size/position of your video modified. When you are ready, press “Next”.

    Adjust web camera settings to add live video of yourself to PowerPoint presentation

  • Now, the output options of your video have to be adjusted, such as “Frame Rate” and “Resolution”, as well as the option “Sound Recording”.

  • If you want to get the narration recorded, your microphone has to be selected as the main sound device.

  • Press “Next” in order to launch PowerPoint to Video Conversion.

    Add webcam video with sound to PowerPoint presentation

  • When your PowerPoint presentation is under being converted procedure, the capture for webcam is not visible. You can just see is your web camera is active.

    Convert powerpoint presentation to video adding web camera video

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