Office For Mac – How To Insert And Customize SVG Files

In order to insert a file in SVG format into Office for Mac you will need to press “Insert” and then “Pictures”. In fact, inserting SVG files can be done in the same way as you insert any other kind of images.

Now, let’s have a look how you can customize SVG images to change their look in your presentation/workbook/document. In order to get access to these tools you will need to click on SVG image and press the contextual tab “Graphic Format”.

The tab “Graphic Format” offers the following options:

An SVG image selected, enables the Graphic Format tab on the ribbon

  • Change Graphic – this option makes it possible to choose any other image and replace your image with.

  • Graphic Styles – this is a great gallery which offers you a lot of pre-made styles which you can use for converting images to line drawings, for modifying the color of the fill, etc to match the subject of your work.

    The styles gallery with a light blue style applied to a graphic of a bicycle

  • Graphic Fill – if you do not like pre-made styles from the gallery and you still want t change the color, you can choose the color by yourself. There are many colors available to choose from. This new color will be applied to your image entirely.

  • Graphic Effects – if you want to add some extra style to your SVG image, for example 3D effects, glows, or shadows, the tool “Graphic Effects” is what you need.

  • Graphic Outline – this tool will help you get rid of or modify the line around your image. Alternatively, you can choose a nice color for your border.

  • Wrap Text – this is the tool for controlling the flow of your text around images in your presentation or any other kind of documents.

  • Bring Forward/Send Backward – are the tools for layering images and placing them behind/front on your page.

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