Fixing Sound Recording Issues While Converting PowerPoint Presentations To Video Scout

This is a very useful tutorial for user of Windows Vista when they have to fix various issues with sound recording while converting their PowerPoint presentations to Video Scout. So, in order to get your sound recording enabled in Windows Vista, or in other words to convert your flash movie with sound you will have to do the following:

  • Start with going to the control panel and press “Sound”. Just doule click this icon in ordr to open the dialog box which is responsible for sounds.

    sound icon in control panel in Windows Vista

  • Press the tab “Recording”.

  • On the background of this tab you have to right-click and select the option “Show Disale Devices”.

    Show disabled devices in Sound Recording options dialog in Windows Vista

  • Now, all the devices which are disabled are displayed. You have to right-press on “Stereo Mix”/”Wave Out Mix”/”Mono Mix”/”What U Hear” and click “Enable”.

    Enable Stereo Mix (disabled device) in Windows Vista

  • By doing this, you will achieve the same way as you know in Windows XP as “Stereo Mix”. This option makes it possible to record any kind of sounds.

  • Now, you have to convert once again and press “Stereo Mix”/”Wave Out Mix”/”Mono Mix”/”What U Hear”” on your recording step.

    Stereo mix device in SWF To Video Scout working in Windows Vista

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