All What You Need To Know About PowerPoint And Keynote

Nowadays, there are a lot of apps for designing presentations. The most popular among them are PowerPoint and Key. They gained their popularity due to a good reason which is their productivity. Using one of these apps you can easily create a stunning and professionally looking presentation. Users of Apple choose Keynote, while Window’s users prefer PowerPoint.

Let’s compare these two apps and choose the best for our future presentation:
  • Familiarity

    Even, if you are the biggest enthusiast of Apple, most probably you know PowerPoint and you have some experience working with ts interface. We all are familiar with the main apps of Microsoft and there is no problem dealing with its basic features. We can’t say the same about Keynote. People who do not use Mac, have no experience working with Keynote app.

  • Collaboration

    If you need simple real-time collaboration, you need Keynote and its new feature iCloud. PowerPoint offers only a desktop version and real-time collaboration is not so simple. If you still choose PowerPoint, then you can try its online version, but the number of features will be limited.

  • Compatibility

    PowerPoint is fully compatible with both PC and Mac. If you use Keynote, you will have to deal with several technological hoops to be able to use it on your device.

  • Template designs for presentations

    Keynote offers better designs for your presentation templates. PowerPoint’s templates look very similar to each other. Using PowerPoint you will create only generic-looking slides, which is good for business related presentations. If the style is vital for you, choose Keynote and your design will impress your target audience.

  • Shapes

    Do you use shapes in your presentations? PowerPoint is the best app for manipulating any kind of shapes. Keynote is quite limited when it comes to modifying and editing shapes. You will be able to do only the basic manipulations with shapes.

  • Charts

    Both Keynote and PowerPoint they have great charts which you can always update and add new information. However, Keynote has a big advantage allowing its users work with charts directly within the app. To do the same in PowerPoint, you will have to refer to Excel and link a new data to your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Access to images

    PowerPoint has a great add-on called “Pickit” which offers a huge library with free images. You can choose the best and add it to your presentation. Unfortunately, Keynote app does not offer the same add-on.

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